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Understanding the Single-Tier Pricing System

Subscription fees for web-based CRMs and business systems are often complex, with certain needed features requiring  you to jump to a higher price tier. With Logicbox you get a simple and affordable price of $55 per user per month (with a 20 user minimum) for all of your needed modules and tailored functionality.


  • What is included in the subscription fee?

  • What are the setup (implementation) fees?

  • What is the benefit of single-tier pricing?


What is included in the subscription fee?


The subscription fee covers anytime cloud-based access to your app, technical support available during standard business hours (8am - 5pm M-F PST), as well as any updates and upgrades made to the main Logicbox platform that powers your uniquely tailored Logicbox app.


Unlike other business system providers, Logicbox does not charge extra for training. Logicbox implementations include the trainings needed to get you up and running easily with your company’s personal Logicbox. Logicbox also provides a designated Support Team member to personally work with your business on an ongoing basis, so you will always be assisted by someone who understands your business and app from the inside out.


What are the setup (implementation) fees?


Setup fees are based on the complexity and functionality of your Logicbox system. They vary based on a number of specific criteria, such as the number of modules included in your app, the complexity of these modules as well as integrations with upstream and downstream systems. Additionally,, setup fees encompass the ease of data migration from your previous system to your new Logicbox.


The best way to determine setup fees is to speak with us so we can help you determine if Logicbox is right for your business. CTA


What is the benefit of single-tier pricing?


With the simple price of $55 per user, Logicbox beats the competition by offering the best value for a customized app in the business system market today. Our dedication to learning your business and creating a personally tailored app means we are invested in the success of your business, and have no interest in taxing your growth. As well, we find dependability to be the best way of doing business. One single price, no hidden fees.

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