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  • How to Integrate With Logicbox

  • What You Need to Integrate With Logicbox


How to Integrate With Logicbox


Logicbox offers different options for integrating with your current system:


We Do The Work

If you do not want to manage multiple vendors, and prefer that Logicbox take the reins in integration, we can integrate using APIs offered by 3rd-party software providers.


We Work With Your Team

Your IT department or a 3rd-party can integrate your systems via the Logicbox API. Your system will have specific APIs set up just for you.


What You Need to Integrate With Logicbox


The ease of integration depends on the size of the project, as well as the type of system your company currently employs. Regardless, Logicbox has seamlessly executed a multitude of integrations at all different levels and sizes. We work with your IT managers/team to manage the extraction, transformation, and posting of complex data, and your personal Logicbox Support Team member will make sure you have all the tools needed to make your integration a successful one.

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