Sending Outbound Email Using an Alternate Mail Server

Logicbox can send your outbound emails via any mail server you choose. Typically when clients choose this option, they are choosing to use their own mail server...

Sending Outbound Email Using the Mandrill/Logicbox Partnership

Logicbox partners with Mandrill (by MailChimp) in order to ensure your business-critical outbound emails are sent and received by the recipients. Through Mandrill...


Logicbox offers different options for integrating with your current system...

Data Backups

Security of data is of the utmost importance. As such, all customer data is automatically backed up regularly and stored securely. The standard Logicbox data backup entails...

User Permissions

Logicbox works with your company to tailor your user permissions based on the unique needs of your company. As such, we will walk you through...

General Security

​Logicbox dedicates itself to complete data security by employing best-of-breed technologies and partnering with world-class data centers. In the event of disasters...

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