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Sending Outbound Email Using an Alternate Mail Server

Logicbox can send your outbound emails via any mail server you choose. Typically when clients choose this option, they are choosing to use their own mail server (either managed internally or by a 3rd-party hosting company such as Amazon, Google, Rackspace, etc.). To do this, we will ask for the following details:


  • The SMTP server (e.g.

  • The security protocol (if any is required) - either SSL or TLS

  • The port (if specified) - this is typically 25, 465 or 587 depending on the security method above, but it can be different

  • The account name and/or mailbox from which you would like to send outbound mail

  • The password for the above account


Because the Logicbox team has limited visibility and control over your mail server, our ability to support this option is limited.  As always we will do everything in our power to ensure your application is serving your business operations to the fullest extent possible, but with this option we have less control over the process. This includes both the function of connecting to the mail server and ensuring any outbound mail arrives at the intended recipient.

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