Getting Started

Integration Made Easy (No Matter Your System)

Having been around for over ten years, Logicbox has seen all manner of integrations. Logicbox is able to integrate not only with newer companies...

Rely on Your Logicbox

In addition to Logicbox’s own security practices, we have created a doubly secure space for your data in partnering with Rackspace. The servers on which your data reside...

Understanding the Single-Tier Pricing System

Subscription fees for web-based CRMs and business systems are often complex, with certain needed features requiring you to jump to a higher price tier. With Logicbox you get a simple and affordable price of $55 per user per month (with a 20 user minimum) for all of your needed modules...

Logicbox Support

Logicbox offers support during regular business hours 8am-5pm PST, Monday through Friday. We offer a response time of one business day for all support requests. All support requests...

Getting Started With Your Custom Logicbox

After going through a comprehensive business analysis process and building your app to your unique specifications, your personal Logicbox Support Team member will train your key users...

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